At Lakes Area Marine we offer our customers opportunities to protect their boat, whatever their budget! When looking for a place to store your boat during the off-season, make sure to call us for indoor pricing or to take advantage of our low outdoor storage price.

Take a gander below to read about our different storage options.


Indoor storage offers a host of benefits to any boat and boat owner. The main reason for a boat owner to decide on indoor storage is peace of mind.

If you've made the decision to own a boat, you want to protect that investment. Peace of mind will come from knowing that your boat is protected from a host of potential issues. Some issues include oxidation, weather and vandalism.

Our storage facility offers protection from the elements and is gated for added security measures.

If you're thinking about indoor storage, give us a call and our trained, professional staff will answer any questions that you may have.


Storing your boat outdoors has its benefits for the boat owner on a budget. Another major benefit to outdoor storage is allowing the boat owner quick access once the warmer weather decides to show up!

These benefits provide owners a great alternative to indoor storage.

One major item to remember when storing a boat outdoors is shrink wrap. If you wish to find out more about the benefits of shrink wrapping and the related services that we offer, click HERE.

We offer our outdoor storage for a low price of $250 for the entire season. We offer discounts on outdoor storage if you decide to have us winterize and shrink wrap your boat. Give us call to hear about the latest promotions!

We look forward to talking with you.